Travel in a Post COVID-19 Environment

Travel in a post COVID-19 Environment

Updated on 15th May 2020

We will be taking the following measures and more, in order to ensure the safety and good health of Team tour blue, our clients and suppliers.

Team Tour Blue

  • Arrangements will be made for the team to arrive and depart office premises safely
  • A detailed daily anti infection cleaning routine will be implemented at the office
  • Access to health screenings will be made available for the team
  • Option to work remotely, when required will be made available

Our Clients

  • Hand sanitizers and masks will be added to our standard welcome pack
  • Measures with regards to Chauffeurs, hotels, and excursions to ensure a safe travel environment

Hotels, Chauffeurs, Guides, Jeeps, Excursions

  • Pre tour health screening for all chauffeurs and guides.
  • Daily standard anti infection routine for vehicles
  • All accommodation and restaurant allocations will be at government COVID19 standard certified establishments, while all excursion sites and hosts will be selected based on COVID19 certification

Sri Lanka

  • Measures will be taken from the visa and process and airport arrival up to the departure of clients to ensure a safe environment, including certification of establishments and consistent health screenings for customer facing team members.

Note: we will be updating new visa regulations and documentation requirements for visitors, as soon as they are finalized by the Government of Sri Lanka.

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