Sensory Sri Lanka

Sensory Sri Lanka

Highlights & Features

  • Tailor-made mindful activities in calming Colombo home at start or end of your trip
  • Connect with your own experience of Sri Lanka with all five senses
  • Yoga, meditation and use of a blindfold relax and open the mind and body
  • Includes: Host, refreshments and journal
  • Times: 2 hours, 7:30am – 9:30am
  • Children: 6+ years
  • Wear/bring: Open mind, comfy clothes
The Full Experience

Visitors to Sri Lanka often find themselves facing a mild sensory assault, this experience offers the chance to explore a sensory connection to your travels.

Closely linked with traditional methods of meditation which have existed in Sri Lanka for thousands of years, mindfulness is thought to promote relaxation and general well-being. This approach links the mind and the body, and involves paying attention to your breath, feelings, thoughts and sensations that occur within your body. Visit a beautiful suburban house in Colombo for a morning spent with your host as she leads you through a mixture of breathing, exercise, meditation, relaxation and an immersion of the senses. Embrace the sounds, smells, tastes and feel of some of what Sri Lanka has to offer.

Hosted by Insplorer

Your host has been living in Sri Lanka for 11 years, in a beautiful house in Colombo shared with her Sri Lankan husband and young son. She has been teaching yoga and mindfulness to adults and kids since 2013. Her goal with this experience is to deepen a visitor’s travel experience and potentially a connection with themselves, through a "sri-lankanized" connection to the senses involving movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

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