Tale of Tobacco

Tale of Tobacco

Highlights & Features

  • Take a guided tour around a state-of-the-art cigar factory
  • Understand the delicate processes that tobacco leaves undergo to become cigars
  • Observe local staff working for one of Sri Lanka’s top companies
  • Includes: Private tour of factory
  • Times: 1.5 to 2 hrs, 1 hour from Colombo
  • Children: Some may not follow
  • Wear/bring: Light, cool clothing
The Full Experience

Visit a tobacco processing factory near Negombo and follow the journey of leaves from their arrival to preservation, cutting, wrapping and packaging for export.

In Katunayake, there is a free trade zone designed to benefit the country’s economy and local people. Alongside textile and apparel manufacturers (largest export), a different type of leaf processing than that of Ceylon Tea can be found. Tobacco from all over the world arrives here to be processed by 2,000 expert staff, trained for 4-6 months and aided by new technologies. Though the company itself has operated in Sri Lanka for 30 years, the factory you will visit is only a few years old and boasts the largest cold room in Sri Lanka! The tour almost feels theatrical as you travel through chambers via huge doors that reveal the next step.

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