Colombo is the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of lovely Sri Lanka. It is a defining homage to Sri Lanka’s unique blend of the old and new. Bustling with beaches, temples, monuments, museums and shopping centers and markets, those who come to the city will enjoy soaking up the atmosphere and the constant buzz of activity as much as any definitive sightseeing trips they embark on. Lively with commerce, the city also has delightful oases of calm and serenity everywhere.

Take a stroll on the energetic Galle Road, visit the malls for your shopping needs. For a more authentic shopping experience, visit Pettah for bargain shopping and witness the bustle of everyday trading and marketing in the heart of Colombo. Visit the Galle Face Green for a sunset combined with delicious ‘isso wade’. As night dawns, head out to a night club or casino, or even dance till dawn at a raving party on the beaches of Mount Lavinia. Whether it’s shopping, dining or entertainment, Colombo has it all.


Colombo National Museum

Housed in a gorgeous and enormous Italianate colonial edifice the National Museum of Colombo is a pretty effective showcase for the island’s 3000 year heritage.

Shopping in Pettah

The ideal place in Colombo for bargain shopping. The shops, street stalls and carts offer a variety of products such as clothing, jewellery, toys, footwear, fabrics, cutlery, spices and much more.

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach is Sri Lanka's main sea-bathing spot. Although crowded on most weekdays and the weekend - it is host to some amazing sunsets.

Colombo Nightlife

Colombo has a buzzing scene, with chill-out bars, casinos if you want to try your hand at roulette, or cool clubs where you can party until dawn.

Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green is a long stretch of lawn facing the sea. It is a popular rendezvous spot; dotted with joggers, kite flyers, walkers and food vendors. Try the famous Isso Wade.

Colombo’s Culture

Take a peek into a handful of Colombo’s sacred spaces, as you stroll with your guide through Kochichikade into the sights and sounds of Pettah’s lively streets.

Colombo’s Street Food

As your host guides you through lesser-known parts of Colombo, discover how a beguiling range of street food and its culture connect the city’s people.

Essence of Tea

Learn the subtleties of tasting, grading, blending and brewing tea from professional tea tasters who regularly visit the Sri Lankan tea auction.

After Dark by Bike

Don your reflective gear and delve into night-time Colombo with your host on this unique cycling trip around the city's highlights.

Cooking By Colour

A great way to easily understand the flavours of Sri Lanka, your delightful host will guide you through a range of home cooked rice, sambols, salads and curries.

A Tale of Tobacco

Visit a tobacco processing factory near Negombo and follow the journey of leaves from their arrival to preservation, cutting, wrapping and packaging for export.

Colonial Colombo

Take a step back in time and re-live Colombo’s grand history from the comfort of you classic car, as you pass by buildings inspired by foreign lands.

Sensory Sri Lanka

Visitors to Sri Lanka often find themselves facing a mild sensory assault; this experience offers the chance to explore a sensory connection to your travels.

Artist In Residence

Visit the Colombo home of an internationally praised Sri Lankan artist, and journey through the space in which she lives, works and exhibits her poignant work.

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