Ella is blessed with some of the most beautiful views, you could find in Sri Lanka. Only 8 km from Bandarawela, this small town is used as a base for plenty of trekking expeditions to the surrounding countryside. A taste of the breathtaking scenery of Ella could be had, if you just walk into the Garden of the Grand Ella Motel (Formerly Ella Rest House), where you seem to be standing at the edge of the world, and everything around you seems to disappear at your feet. Another fine view is from the Ambiente Hotel, where the wide doorway, opens out to the mountains, creating a dramatic cinematic like experience, on entry. Some of the places you could see in Ella are the Ella Gap, Ravana Ella Falls, Little Adam’s Peak and Bambaragala Peak among the other many varied pleasant walks with stunning scenery.



Ella is a great location for viewing some of the best natural scenery in Sri Lanka and is used as a base for plenty of trekking expeditions to the surrounding countryside.

Ravana Ella

Ravana Falls currently ranks as one of the widest falls in the country. This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in height and is steeped in mythology from the Indian epic, Ramayana.

Little Adam's Peak

At 1141m in height and a generally easy hike up the mountain, Little Adam's Peak provides for a sweeping panoramic view across the beautiful countryside.

Scenic Train Journey to Ella

Enjoy the stunning views from the train as the track snakes along the edge of mountains overlooking huge valleys of rolling tea plantations and small villages, dense forests and cascading waterfalls.

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